15 September 2012

My Ancestors

ancestors1 ancestors2

Over the coming months, or maybe even years, I will gradually add the stories of my research into my ancestors starting with my father Ronald Charles Whitney 1910-1966 and his line. What a formidable looking lot my ancestors were!

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Scorpio said...

Well, that was a very interesting read! These are my thoughts in no particular order: that photo of him sitting on a bike cauld actually be Scott, the likeness is uncanny. That jewelery box that he made for Nana is beautiful. I remember that little round table 'coz it used to live at our place when I was a kid. I also remember another table where the lid lifted up and you cauld put things in there. There was a metal rack at the side of it for magazines too. I have a little set of drawers that he made and it's handy for keeping keys and odds and ends in it. Whenever we're looking for something we say "have a look in Grandpa's Drawers!" What else? Oh, I nearly cried at the end reading that he died just 5 years before his retirement. It was also interesting to read the newspaper article about the home for unmarried pregnant women. They were referred to as 'inmates' and their babies were called 'it'. Discusting! Thank you for starting this blog Aunty Dawn. It's nice to have this connection to my roots. This is my past my present and my future too. Keep telling the stories Aunty Dawn. Thank you for being my Aunty.